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Why search?

It's really hard to search for files within S3 buckets via the AWS console.
You can't search by file type (*.jpg), match parts of strings (main-*.css) or more complex wildcard searches (/images/*/version-*/*.css).

Why explore?

It's also hard to identify large files and folders via the AWS console.
BucketSearch allows you to descend into your folder and see how much space they take up, just like a regular file system.

How does it work?
How much does it cost?

BucketSearch is free to use - donations greatly appreciated.
AWS charge $0.005 per 1,000 LIST requests (each request returns up to 1,000 objects). For example a bucket with 1 Million objects in it will cost $5 to index.

Is it secure?

We've taken the following precautions to keep your data secure:

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